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Track Chord Charts Chord Diagrams Key Tempo Time 1 Amaj7 BPM 075 7:44 2 B BPM 090 7:31 3 Fmaj7 BPM 060 8:02 4 Amaj7 BPM 098 7:43 5 G#m BPM 060 7:48 6 A7#9sus2 BPM 080 5:39 7 Dmaj7 BPM 070 7:50 8 Fm9 BPM 090 8:32 9 Amaj7 BPM 065 7:56 10 Bmaj7sus2 BPM 110 7:56
Track info: 10 High quality backing tracks. Also available as individual tracks (each track $0,99) Free chord charts and diagrams
Video demos
Gregor Hilden plays over Latin Grooves Track 7
Taco Visser plays over Latin Grooves Track 9

With a genuine flavor of that classic Brasilian atmosphere, the album Latin Grooves provides 10 backing tracks of Bossa Nova and Samba inspired

tunes. In this collection, the focus is on slower and medium tempo selections. If you need to add an authentic sense of smooth Latin grooves,

this is the jam track album you need for your guitar practice.

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$8,99 Also available as individual tracks (each track $0,99)
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